ocland, the OpenCL cloud computing interface

Welcome to the OpenCL land!
ocland is a project to allow the use of devices installed in remote computers as OpenCL platforms installed in the local one. Without source code modifications, without recompilations, simply install ocland and see how all your OpenCL applications are able to use platforms that can be kilometers away from the keyboard.

You can start with ocland finding the answers to the most frequently asked questions in the FAQ, or taking a look to the documentation in the Wiki page.
When you are ready you can download the package from SourceForge.

The most recent news about the ocland project can be found in the official blog.

If you are in troubles please consider write in the official forum, will be nice to meet you! Or if you have discovered a bug you can report it in the Bug tracker

Can i contribute with ocland?

Yes, you can! ocland is in a really early stage of development, but grows fast! In this moment the best places to help are:

Developing software

If you have programming knowledge you can try to improve the code, fixing problems already documented in the bug tracker, or simply adding new features. To develope ocland best valuable knowledge areas are:

  1. C programming language.
  2. Sockets
  3. OpenCL

Finding bugs

If you have used ocland, and you find bugs, or topics that can be improved, reporting it into the bug tracker will help the community to can improve the tool.

Documenting ocland

You are welcomed to contribute documenting the tool in the Wiki page, helping other people to learn ocland.